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    Worst Home-Selling Advice that Many People Actually Believe

    Deciding to sell your home is a huge decision. As soon as you mention this thought to your friends and neighbors, many of them will have advice. Everyone who has ever sold a house, bought a house, or watched television flipping shows has an “expert” real estate opinion. Beware the well-intentioned, but poor, home-selling advice that others may give you. Following their unprofessional tips may cost you a pile of money.

    “Sell your home only in the spring or summer.”

    This may be a common belief because spring is a good time to get things done. School breaks, long holiday weekends, and summer vacations make spring and summer a perfect time for buyers to look at homes. However, not all buyers have children and not everyone celebrates spring holidays. Ultimately, buyers want the right house and may be looking online for that home any day of the year.

    “The market’s slow, so you’re better off waiting until it heats up to sell.”

    The market and your home’s price can be affected by many things – natural disasters, rate hikes, or election results, to name a few. If you’ve decided to sell, there’s no time like the present.

    “Don’t stage or fix anything up – let buyers use their imagination.”

    To be honest, many people cannot imagine the possibilities that your home offers. Many others see what needs to be done but don’t want to buy something that isn’t “move-in ready.” Your home shows best when it looks clean, painted, and uncluttered. Help prospective buyers to envision living in your home as they see it, not how they imagine it.

    “Camera phone photos are just fine for a listing.”

    New York-based decorator and stager Marie Graham warns that “everything rides on listing photos.” Those photos are your first showing and may influence the buyer traffic. Cell phones don’t have the photo technology to truly show off your home as a professional photographer might.

    “The market is so hot, you don’t need an agent.”

    “For Sale By Owner” might seem like a good idea, and you’d love to save the Realtor® commission fee. If you do find a buyer on your own, are you prepared to address the many details of the actual sale? At closing, you must deal with everything from the bank’s appraisal coming in too low to negotiating inspection items. These are things best handled by a professional.

    “You should hire this person I know who’s an agent.”

    It seems that almost everyone knows of someone who is an agent; that doesn’t necessarily mean that their mother’s friend’s father’s daughter–in-law is a great agent. You want to hire the best agent for the job, the right person for your home’s listing. Talk to someone who’s had a recent good experience and meet with a Realtor® to discuss your needs.

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