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    Trust – The First Step to Selling Your House

    If you’ve decided to sell your house, the next step is to choose a real estate professional to guide you through the process. How do you do that? Do you just call a number you’ve seen on someone else’s sign or heard on a commercial? Before you make that call, consider the importance of trustworthiness and the following four considerations. You must feel comfortable that your realtor can be trusted to accomplish each of these:

    1. Sell the largest asset owned by your family. A home is the largest asset most families have, and its equity is usually the largest percentage of most families’ overall wealth.

    2. Determine the correct market value of your home. Even in a great market, pricing is very important. Of course, you want the best price without pricing your house too high for buyer interest.

    3. Set a schedule for completion of the sale. Your family probably has a timetable involving the sale of your current house and the move into your next home. Coordinating your schedule may be tricky.

    4. Charge a fair fee for professional services required for the transaction. Your agent will collect a commission for selling your home and coordinating all that is involved in the process.

    Considering all the trust involved in the marketing and sale of your house, be sure to choose a true professional with a proven record of dependable service. Call us today to discuss your plan to sell your house.

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