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    Survival Tips for the Last Minute Holiday Shopping

    last minute holiday shopping

    The countdown is upon us and there are only TWO days left to finish up your Christmas shopping. If you’re like many, you’re long past panic mode. It’s so easy to become consumed, overwhelmed and ultimately, behind during the holiday season. Whether you’ve been busy attending holiday parties of friends, family, and colleagues, or just enjoying some time around the fire with eggnog or hot cocoa, the big day is upon us.

    If you still have a bit of Christmas shopping to tie up, don’t worry! Here are a few tips to get you through the mad dash to the finish line. Good luck!

    [1] DON’T LET THEM SEE YOU SWEAT – Take a deep breath, get your list together and get ready to knock it out! Panic is the last thing you want to do. Many people around you will be frantic and crazed. The key is to stay as relaxed as possible and stick to your action plan.

    [2] SHOP ONLINE – While we tend to live and die on Amazon.com as much as possible, there are plenty of other merchants offering next day shipping. Just be sure to double-check order and shipping times to ensure you receive your package(s) in time.

    [3] GET CREATIVE – There are many gifts that you can print right from your computer. Think about things like gift of the month clubs, wine clubs, and other types of memberships or gift certificates.

    [4] TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EXTENDED SHOPPING HOURS – Many stores open early or stay open late during the holiday season to make their products more accessible during the busy shopping season.

    [5] DON’T SHOP UNTIL YOU DROP – Yes, time is of the essence, but if you overdo it chances are you will overspend or settle for gifts you normally would not have purchased.

    [6] CONSIDER DIY – While not the top option on our list, there is still time to gather a few supplies and create your own last minute Christmas gifts if that sort of thing is up your alley. If you can’t think of a homemade idea, consider purchasing inexpensive containers and creating your own gift baskets with things like bath and body supplies, candles, movies and treats, or a variety of puzzles and games.

    [7] MAKE A CHARITABLE DONATION IN THE NAME OF YOUR RECIPIENT – Many people get frustrated with the commercialization of Christmas that a charitable donation is a refreshing gift that might just make someone’s Christmas.

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