How Pets Can Help You Sell Your Home

    It wasn’t long ago when pets were considered to be somewhat of a hindrance when it came to the home-selling process and many people tried to keep them hidden at all costs. So what changed?

    First off, over 56% of homes now have pets. But even more than that statistic, the reality is that our furry loved ones are simply good advertising. Pets gently touch our emotional side while not crossing the line into getting too personal. Think about the slew of cat videos and other animal-related things you see on the Internet every day. That’s no coincidence.

    When used for real estate purposes a pet “solidifies the American dream: the kids, the dog, the whole package,” explains Sherron Lawrence of Realty National.

    So how do you leverage people’s love of pets to help you sell your home?

    “It’s all about showcasing the attractive things and putting away the unattractive,” explains Kyra Frankel of White Space Staging.

    If you’re wondering where exactly the line is from the attractive to unattractive, here are some tips for every area of your home.


    Your first chance to win over pet-loving home buyers is the moment they walk in the door. Take this opportunity to show off some of the pet items you use every day, for example, a leash. The important thing is to remember to keep it “attractive.” If it the items is old and looks destined for the trash can, replace it with something new and fresh.


    Find a cute treats container to display on the kitchen counter, and think about upgrading your animal’s standard water bowl with something new and a bit more stylish. No one likes to see a ratty old bowl of water sitting on the floor of your kitchen.


    While showing off framed photos of family is usually something your real estate professional will advise against, it’s totally ok and recommended to leave up (or add if you don’t have any) photos of your furry loved ones. While not as personal as family photos, it still successfully tugs on those emotional heart-strings while giving people an idea of what it would “feel” like to live in the space.


    Place a clean (or new) dog bed at the foot of your bed. This visually adds a cozy element to the room and gives off a comfortable, warm feeling. Make sure to tuck the chew toys and bones away, though.


    The most important thing to remember about the backyard is that it must be immaculate before showing your property. Those little doggie deposits? Yeah, you need to get rid of those. You want your pet-friendly listing to be memorable for the right reasons.

    In closing, remember, the one mood killer to avoid at all costs is any kind of animal scent: Whether it’s the whiff of cat litter or just an overall doggy smell, any odor or hair can drive off a buyer in an instant.


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