Don’t Miss the Annual Sales-Tax Holiday for Back-to-School

    The GA Department of Revenue has announced that the Back–to-School Sales Tax Holiday 2016 is July 30 through July 31; clothes, school supplies, and certain computer items will be exempt from state and local sales taxes.

    The sales-tax exemption applies to all ages (not just those returning to school), as long as each item is $100 or less: vintage/antique clothing and new, footwear, diapers, uniforms, skates, rainwear, lingerie, neckties, costumes, belts, baby receiving blankets, athletic clothing, athletic pads and supports, hats, gloves, socks, helmets, and bathing suits, to name a few.

    Computers, computer parts and accessories, and software purchased for non-commercial use are also exempt, as long as the cost is $1,000 or less per item. Exempt items include computer microphones, printers and printer cartridges, routers, webcams, cables, computer batteries, blank CDs and DVDs, and the like.

    The school supply exemption covers most school and art supplies with a cost of $20 or less per item. Briefcases, envelopes, janitorial supplies, medical supplies, or supplies used for a business are not tax exempt.

    A complete list of tax-free items can be found here.

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