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    “When you think about moving into a new neighborhood, new school district, etc., you don’t initially think about ALL of the little details you need to know (and remember) to make that happen. Reaching out to Maura to help us list our home, find a new home that was right for us and make the entire process as smooth as possible was easily the best decision we could have made. I can’t imagine how people ever enter this process thinking they can make it easier on themselves by NOT hiring a Realtor! That’s just crazy people. We told Maura what we were looking for and where, and she quickly provided available home choices for us to consider, while giving us help feedback relating to the neighborhoods, communities, and schools. No BS, no ‘a la carte’ style sales options, she gives you exactly what you need to make the process more or less painless. Selling a home, buying a home, and moving over the summer is STRESSFUL, and if I ever do it again I absolutely will go through Maura Neill & Associates, or I’m just not moving. Thank you, Maura & Ben!” — MICHAEL CONLEY


    “I cannot begin to express my gratitude to this woman. My husband and I were purchasing our condo (that we were also living in) and felt that we were under-represented and needed a professional opinion. I found Maura through a college friend and she met me for coffee. She discussed everything and explained my options, no questions asked. She is fair, intelligent and responsible. My husband and I often say that making the decision to move forward with Maura on our side was the best decision that we made throughout the process. She made everything easier and answered our inquiries in a fast and efficient manner. I would (and will) work with her again on ANY real estate matter.” — KATE MERRIHEW


    “My wife and I were first time home buyers and obviously a bit skeptical when it came to the whole Realtor aspect of buying a home. Maura changed our mindset on this instantly. We actually began our search with Maura when we were relocating to Georgia from Arizona, and simply looking for a place to rent. She helped us find the perfect place, with us not even coming to see it in person (says a lot about her ability to understand what you are looking for). We weren’t the easiest of clients either, as we have a 130-pound dog that could cause problems when trying to rent a place. Maura guided us through the process, sent us videos, and did whatever she could to help us in our move.

    A couple years down the road we were ready to purchase our home. Maura did a phenomenal job of making us feel like more than just her clients…even when we were not in the market for a home. Obviously, we decided to ask Maura for her help when looking for our first home. Throughout the process, Maura helped us to feel at ease while looking at a variety of homes. We gave her what we were looking for and she ran with it. This involved the area, schools, community, everything down to what color the living room would be once we moved in. The thing that I would say made us so impressed with Maura was her blatant honesty. In a world where a lot of people will say what you want to here so they can make their money, Maura really had our best interest at heart. If there was something she noticed was wrong that we didn’t, she made sure to point it out. Beyond just the house hunting, she has several connections that she can help you out with when it comes to the mortgage, inspection, or anything else in regards to the home buying process, and good luck finding someone that does for a better price for the expertise they provide. She couldn’t have made it any easier for us. Low and behold, we found our house and couldn’t be happier!

    Maura and her husband Ben, having been in Georgia for quite some time, are very in tune with what progressions have taken place and they are “in the know” when it comes to Realty within Atlanta. You can find Maura wherever you look when it comes to Realty and REMAX as she is constantly speaking/attending conferences around the country to better herself. I know this probably sounds like she put me up to writing this, but when someone deserves a positive review, they don’t need to ask for it. My wife and I would highly recommend Maura any time and will definitely be using her in our future housing needs! 🙂 — ANTHONY IANIRO


    “Maura and her team are the ultimate real estate team in the Atlanta area. I have recommended them to several of my friends and they all have purchase or sold homes with them.

    We have used them to purchase a new home and to sell a home. In fact, we originally had Maura come out to help us list our home to sell but ultimately decided we would wait until the market improved (it was on the upswing but not quite there yet in 2014). She was so patient with us – she was happy to put the time and work in despite us deciding to wait an entire year to list our home. We ended up listing it the next year and Maura had it under contract in less than 24 hours!!

    When we purchased our new home, Maura was so patient in that process as well! She was happy to accommodate our work schedules and even showed us the same house several times because we were so indecisive. We ended up getting a house we never thought we would be able to get because it already had multiple offers but she encouraged us to write up a back up offer. Good thing, because we ended up getting the house!

    She really listens to what your wants and needs are in a home and want to help ensure you find a home you LOVE and one that is right for your family! You don’t have to settle. She is super knowledgeable on all things in the real estate industry and works hard to stayed engaged so she is always in the know! Most of all, she knows the areas of Atlanta – specifically North Metro area very well. And if she doesn’t know the answer to your question, she will dig to find out for you!

    And what’s even more amazing is that Maura and her team give back to the community! Each time we sold our house and purchased our house we got a notification that a donation was made in our name to a local charity! That’s amazing!!

    If you are buying or selling in the Atlanta area, Maura and her team are the ones to go to! You will not be disappointed. Trust me. They are great folks!” — NICOLE GIBBS

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