Maintaining Winter Curb Appeal

    Winter Curb Appeal

    It’s winter and it’s cold! What can you do to enhance curb appeal when the grass is brown and even most of the fall flowers have faded?


    During the cold-weather months, ensure that visitors or prospective buyers can get to your front door safely. Keep driveway, walkway, and steps free of leaves, ice, and snow.


    Most of us have grass which looks great in hot weather but will be brown all winter. Keep leaves raked so the damp piles don’t smother and kill your grass.


    Add pansies or witch hazel to liven up a drab garden. Your local nursery or home improvement retailer can help you choose plants that will make it through the winter. As their name states, evergreens are always green. There are evergreen shrubs for all climates that thrive in both hot and cold seasons.


    Choose a colorful front door paint that always looks good; a rich, vibrant door can be a focal point all year. When trees and flowers are blooming, you may not notice exterior trim and other areas that have been neglected. With leaves gone and color subdued, summer’s dirt may need to be washed away. Power wash or touch up trim now.


    Clean out leaves, pine needles, or other debris so they don’t dam up when the rain and possible ice comes.


    Especially as days become shorter, adequate and attractive lighting can make your home more attractive and safer. Appraise if your exterior lighting needs updating with a new porch light, sconces, lanterns, or pathway illumination.



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