Live Really Well on $60k a Year

    Glassdoor, a job-hunting site, published a report in 2016 that indicates that where you live may have much to do with how well you live. It seems obvious that the most likely locations for good living provide jobs, good salaries, and affordable homes. The Glassdoor report presents the cities where your earnings go furthest based on home values and salaries. Each city’s median base salary divided by its median home value yielded a cost of living ratio; the higher the ratio number, the better.

    Some of America’s largest cities did not make the list. Though salaries may be higher in New York and San Francisco, many people cannot afford to buy a home there. The highest cost of living ratio (50%) went to Detroit, followed by Memphis; Pittsburgh; Cleveland; Indianapolis; St. Louis; Cincinnati; Birmingham; Kansas City, Missouri; Louisville; Buffalo; Houston; Oklahoma City; and Columbus.

    If you saw some cities on that list that didn’t interest you, don’t worry! Atlanta comes in at #15 in the country with a cost of living ratio of 37%. The city’s median base salary is $60,000; the median home value is $163,000. According to Glassdoor, there are 90,739 open jobs.

    So whether you’re already working in Atlanta or planning to move here, we’re here to help you!


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