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    Interview with Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

    We at Buy Sell Live Atlanta give a portion of every commission to charity, and one of our charities annually is Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. We had an opportunity to interview Laurel Lyle, Director of Fundraising Programs at CAF, and present our check for 2016. We had to Skype, since they’re located in Massachusetts, BUT we were so grateful for the opportunity to get to know CAF a little better and strengthen our partnership with the organization.



    Maura Neill, REALTOR®: So, hi, Laurel! Everyone, I’m talking to Laurel Lyle with Cure Alzheimer’s and she is the Director of Fundraising Programs, is that correct?

    Laurel Lyle, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund: That’s correct – you got it!

    MN: Thank you so much for taking a couple of minutes with us today. As you know, we give money from each of our sales to a charity, and we let our clients choose. And eleven of our clients [out of 65 transactions] chose Cure Alzheimer’s, and we are so pleased that we are getting to present you with this big check!

    LL: And we are really excited about that. We love big checks!

    MN: I wanted to give you a chance to thank your clients but also to give you a chance to tell anyone who is watching this video a little about your organization. So, what is the goal of Cure Alzheimer’s Fund and where do the donations go?

    LL: Our goal is actually our name: our goal is to Cure Alzheimer’s. We were founded eleven years ago by three families, all of whom had been touched by Alzheimer’s very closely and were frustrated by the pace of research and who thought there had to be a better way to do it. So their idea, which is sort of based on a venture capital model, that they would, in conjunction with another group of board members, who are also very generous – they would pay 100% of all of our administrative and overhead expenses, so that we could tell every single donor that 100% of the funds they give us goes directly to fund research.

    MN: Well, I can tell you that one of the reasons that Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is on our list that we give our clients every year to choose from is that my family has been touched by Alzheimer’s so it’s really meaningful to me when I have clients who have either similar experiences or who recognize the need for research for this disease and want us to donate on their behalf. Is there anything else that you think people should know if they have a family member who is suffering or they want to find out more about Cure Alzheimer’s Fund?

    LL: First, I would say: we are so grateful to you, Maura, and especially to your clients, who chose us to donate to and we understand. You know, it’s really surprising when you work in a place like this almost everyone you come in contact with says, “Oh, my grandma…” or “Oh, my dad…” Almost half of the people who work here, including me, have been touched by Alzheimer’s personally, so it really is an enormous problem that we are trying to solve, and I would say to our donors and to people who are interested: it’s a lot more hopeful than it was even five years ago…

    MN: That is great news! And I know, because we are regular visitors to your site to make donations, we get your emails with invitations to free webinars, etc. – how do people get signed up for those if they are interested in being on your mailing list?

    LL: Great question! Our website address is curealz.org – there’s a little button that says “Add me to your mailing list.” You can do an email; you can do a snail mail – whatever you want. We do have webinars about once a quarter, and we have a live, in-person symposium annually in Boston, but we also livestream that and that’s where our top scientists really talk about the latest advances in research, and it’s a great way to find out what’s happening now from the people who really understand all that scientific research. So there’s a lot to learn just online. We also try to post videos of our scientists talking about their research every so often, so it’s a great way to kind of keep in touch with what is happening.

    MN: Great! Thank you so much for your time! I really appreciate it, and I hope this information will help either someone who is already a client of ours or someone who stumbles across this video and gives them some hope or just access to more information. And a way to donate, if they’re interested.

    LL: Yes! Thank you so much! We are so grateful for your long-term support.

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