Hottest Designer Home Trends for 2016

    luxury dinning room interior

    What’s considered “modern” and stylish is constantly changing. Here are the latest concepts, materials, strategies, and design ideas to make the list for the 2016 predictions. Leave a comment and let us know what your favorites are!

    [1] TWO-TONE KITCHEN CABINETS – Upper cabinets of white or neutral shades keep a kitchen timeless while lower cabinets in different woods or colors change the kitchen’s style.

    [2] OUTDOOR FABRIC USED INDOORS – With so many outdoor fabrics to choose, they’re perfect for making dining room and living room furniture more durable.

    [3] STAINLESS APPLIANCES IN COLORS – Black stainless steel is becoming very popular, and Whirlpool has introduced a Sunset Bronze finish.

    [4] EXTRA-LARGE-FORMAT TILE – While large-format tiles (12 x 24 inches) have been seen in kitchens and bathrooms for a while now, watch for extra-large-format tiles – yes, 31 by 71 inches!

    [5] THE RETURN OF BIDETS – What? America never really caught on to the separate bidet, but manufacturers have created combination bidet and toilet units. According to data collected by Houzz, five percent of renovated master bathrooms now have bidets.

    [6] DEEP KITCHEN DRAWERS – Data indicates that storage is a top priority in kitchen remodels. Deep drawers in lower cabinets have provided the answer to the storage issue for many remodelers. Inserts and dividers help to organize for dishes, utensils, and pans; some manufacturers even offer options for deep corner drawers and drawers under kitchen sinks and range tops.

    [7] FORMAL DINING ROOMS – Homeowners who entertain now choose this designated space rather than using it as an office or media room as we’ve seen in the past.

    [8] NICHE APPLIANCES – Do you have the space or inclination for that something-special appliance? Consider a steam oven, warming drawer, induction cooktop, or kimchi refrigerator.

    [9] HEATED FLOORS IN THE ENTRYWAY – Heated floors aren’t just for the bathroom. Add them to your entryway or foyer to dry wet shoes and boots or just to shake off the cold when you get home.

    [10] ISLANDS THAT WORK – Kitchen islands add much-needed workspace but can also provide room for seating, prep sinks, and deep storage.

    [11] STATEMENT MIRRORS IN BATHROOMS – Medicine cabinets are out. Try statement mirrors that are wood framed, backlit, or ornately vintage.

    [12] BARELY-THERE KITCHENS – As kitchens open into great rooms, walls of cabinetry and full-size appliances fade into the background, making them seem less obvious.

    [13] NO-TECH LIVING ROOMS FOR FAMILY TIME – Living rooms as family space are making a comeback. Many homeowners are on–screen most of the day and look forward to some time to read, talk with family or friends, or just sit. No digital distractions!

    [14] TRULY OPEN KITCHENS – More open shelves and use of raw materials allow your kitchen to showplace its original use and supplies.

    [15] COUNTERTOPS AND BACKSPLASH PAIRINGS THAT SURPRISE – Homeowners are getting away from white subway tile and granite for less common surfaces, such as brick backsplashes and concrete countertops or yellow ceramic tile with butcher block.

    [16] BALANCED DECORATING FOR LIVING ROOMS – Designers look at scale, light, and function in an effort to find the fine line between under- and over-decorated.

    [17] SPECIAL KITCHEN FEATURES – A kitchen may need one particular feature that takes it from useful to vital. This might be a dining table on casters to allow for seating options or a portable island cart.

    [18] SUNROOMS – Many homeowners say a sunroom is a dream space, perhaps a luxury. Lucky are they who have one or can add one.

    [19] WHITE KITCHENS WITH PUNCH – The white kitchen trend – walls, cabinets, and countertops – is predicted to last. Spice it up with colorful tile, accessories, curtains, or book shelves.

    [20] BOLD POWDER ROOM WALL COVERINGS – Though homeowners have often added striking wall coverings to their powder rooms, the options continue to grow. Consider prints, textures, or custom graphics.

    [21] MIXED MODERN MATERIALS IN THE KITCHEN – Are you ready for another change in the kitchen? Mix several modern materials, colors, and finishes. Countertop options might include butcher block next to soapstone near Carrara marble. Add olive-green cabinets and stainless steel appliances to complete the look.

    [22] ATTENTION-SEEKING BEDROOMS – While fresh paint can change the look of your bedroom, try being bolder with a rustic wood wall and new ceiling fixture to transform the space.

    [23] BATHROOMS AS LIVING SPACES – Ornate chandeliers, furniture-like pieces, and graphic wallpaper can make the bathroom feel more like the rest of your home.

    [24] FIREPLACE AND FIRE FEATURES – You don’t need a traditional wood-burning fireplace to add the character and warmth of a fire. Explore other options, including gas and electric models.

    [25] FARMHOUSE ENTRYWAYS – Many are choosing to trade a fancy foyer for a farmhouse-style entryway with storage, a bench, or hooks.

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