Curb Appeal – Fall Edition

    The end of hot summer weather gives us the chance to enjoy somewhat cooler temperatures and have the opportunity to add autumn color to our homes. Try a weekend project that will give your home and landscape seasonal beauty.


    As summer colors fade, plant decorative fall plants like mums and kale. Crotons can add brilliant autumn color, but beware! If frost is expected take tender tropical crotons indoors.

    If your home has window boxes, these plants are perfect, along with lime-hued sweet potato vines and added gourds or miniature pumpkins. No window boxes? Set out filled pots or decorative planters on your porch or steps.


    Add a fall-themed wreath or garland to your door. Choose fall foliage or flowers and some bright ribbon for a DIY burlap-wrapped wreath. Not feeling creative? Visit a craft store for ideas or to make your purchase.


    Lawn maintenance doesn’t end with summer. Keep your yard in good shape by raking or blowing off fallen leaves. Patch any brown spots in your grass.


    The days are getting shorter. Check that your doors, walkways, and porches are adequately illuminated. Replace burned-out bulbs, and consider solar-powered walk lighting. Don’t let drab days make your home look faded and dark.


    Pumpkins can add fall curb appeal, whether or not you carve a jack o’ lantern. Painted pumpkins last longer than carved if the days are still warm. There are lots of clever ideas on the internet to suggest painting faces, adding glitter, stacking pumpkins, displaying them on pedestals, or just arranging them among your plants or on your porch. You might consider pumpkins for display in the garden and then carving them shortly before Halloween.

    Autumn is a wonderful season for bright and beautiful colors. Plan to spend some weekend time to give your home a fresh, fall look!

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