Moving? Relieve Stress by Choosing a Storage Facility

    If you’re moving, you may find that your closings don’t line up to make an easy transition for your furniture and other belongings to move from your old home directly into the new one, or you may just want your current home to look “staged” while it’s on the market without all your personal and extra items. Or you might find that you’re not yet sure how all your things will go into the new space for the best arrangement. Perhaps you need to live somewhere temporarily without all of your furniture and “extras.” For whatever reason, you might need to put some or all of your belongings into a storage facility where they will be secure for a while. You want to find a spot that’s convenient and affordable. Let’s look at your options.


    These may be the more expensive rentals, but you may have delicate or valuable items that may be there for an extended period of time. With the humidity and heat of summer, wood and leather furniture, files, photos, electronics, artwork, and clothing will be safest in a climate-controlled unit, which is typically kept between 60 and 80 degrees. No one wants to visit their belongings and find they’ve warped, melted, or discolored. These facilities differ from traditional storage units because they usually have heat, air conditioning, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers to ensure a safer environment for your things. Check the area near your new home for climate-controlled companies or go to, to find a unit nearby that fits your budget.


    When relocating to another area of the country, it may be more convenient to use a storage container company. The unit is delivered to you, you pack your things in it, and the company picks it up and moves it to a storage center until you’re ready for it. Then the unit is delivered directly to your new home. The time frame is flexible; you can keep the unit at your old home and the new home for the time you need. Moving and storage are both handled by the container company. The most well-known storage container company is PODS, but others may be available in your area.


    You may find that a facility close to your new home is the most convenient and affordable option if you need short-term storage. Indoor and outdoor storage is often available, and various sizes and month-to-month leases make these units attractive. If you just need storage for personal items during the time your old home is on the market and showing, you may be able to rent an over-sized closet unit and move to a larger space if needed to accommodate closing dates. Common units sizes include 5’X15’ or 10’X10’, which may work for the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. A 10’X15’ unit may be sufficient for a two-bedroom home, and a two- to three-bedroom home may require a 10’X20’ or 10’X30’ space.

    The stress of moving may be somewhat relieved by your investment in a secure storage unit, and the Atlanta area offers many choices to help you with this issue. Happy relocation!

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