So, You Want To Buy a House?

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If you are thinking of buying a home — whether you plan to move in a month or a year — we have LOTS of great information for you! To make it easier for you to find it all, we have created this Buyer Library.

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Our first recommendation is our definitive STEPS TO BUYING A HOME, which walks you step-by-step through the homebuying process and contains a plethora of useful information and links to questionnaires, worksheets, and checklists.

Beyond that, below is a catalog (which changes regularly, as we add new content) of our blog posts, written specifically with you — the buyer — in mind.

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Our Buyer Library

COVID-19 Protocols You Might Expect To Be In Place While Shopping For a Home

Selling and Buying — How Do I Time It Correctly?

What is a REALTOR®?

What Is a Buyer Brokerage Agreement, and Should I Sign One?

Rent vs. Mortgage — Paying In Advance vs. Paying in Arrears

The House I Want Already Has An Offer On It — Now What?

Can I Terminate a Contract On a Home If I’ve Already Signed It?

How To Shop For a Mortgage Lender — The Right Questions To Ask

What Documents Might My Mortgage Lender Ask Me To Provide?

Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval — Is There a Difference?

What Will My Closing Costs Be, and Who Pays Them?

I’m Paying Cash For a Home — Can I Still Have An Appraisal Contingency?

How Do I Choose a Home Inspector?

What Type of Home Inspections Will I Need?

Repairs or Concessions? How To Negotiate After An Inspection Report

The Appraisal Process For Homebuyers

What Is a Home Warranty?

What Is An Escrow Account and Why Does My Lender Require One?


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