Brookhaven Apartments Denied

    The Brookhaven Planning Commission has voted to deny the application for a mixed-use development anchored by a 194- apartment complex within walking distance of the Brookhaven MARTA Station. The neighborhood has expressed its displeasure with high-density development in the area. Connolly Investment & Development and Fairfield Residential proposed the project with 70 percent one-bedroom and 30 percent two-bedroom units, saying the development could convert to condos but could not give evidence that the size of the units would support their claim. The development area is expected to include offices, park space, retail, and potentially civic buildings in addition to housing and has been the subject of considerable controversy.

    The commission discussed the issue for 45 minutes, allowing each side 15 minutes, deliberated, and moved to defer judgment for 30 days. That move was defeated 2-4; a second discussion led to the denial by a vote of 5-1. Brookhaven, unlike many local municipalities, has not been favorable for high-density growth.

    Ultimately, the Brookhaven City Council will make the decision on the project by the end of the month. The Planning Commission indicated that they might favor a plan of decreased density, closer to the neighbors’ suggestion of 30 units per acre, or around 100 units in all.


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