The Best Houseplants for Bathrooms

    Do you love houseplants for their touch of color? Some can even help to improve indoor air. The bathroom is a great space for the air-freshening addition of a pretty plant, and the moisture and warm temperature make it the perfect environment. Here are nine great choices to add color and cleaner air to your bathroom space.

    HEART LEAF PHILODENDRONS are popular indoor plants because they’re easy to care for and look great in planters or hanging baskets. They like to be misted, so your shower steam will be appreciated.

    PEACE LILIES have beautiful white flowers and slender, glossy dark green leaves. They don’t like over-watering, but a quick run under the shower to dampen the leaves is great!

    ALOE VERA is perfect for the bathroom, where it’s handy for use to help soothe sunburn and heal cold sores. They do well in full sunlight and artificial light. Remember to water them deeply and then let them dry out between waterings to avoid root rot.

    ORCHIDS do well indoors if given bright, indirect light. They’re colorful and elegant and love the humid conditions of bathrooms.

    LUCKY BAMBOO, though not technically bamboo, is a pretty decorative addition. They like indirect light, not direct sunlight and need no soil! Keep them in a container of pebbles with the water level above the roots.

    SPIDER PLANTS are considered by many to the easiest houseplant of all! They adapt to differing conditions and do well in bathrooms where temperature, light levels, and humidity fluctuate. Spider plants should dry out between waterings; cut them back if they get too big. When the plants produce spiderettes in the spring, you can clip them off and repot for more plants.

    SNAKE PLANTS do just fine even if you ignore them or forget to water them for weeks. There are different colors and varieties of variegated leaves. They do well in low light, and like peace lilies, they help to clean your indoor air.

    SUCCULENTS come in many varieties; not all will do well in bathrooms. Jade plants, however, are rather hardy and can do well in bright, indirect light. Choose succulents with greener leaves for indoors, and don’t crowd too many close together to allow them to get as much light as possible. As desert plants, they don’t need much water.

    FERNS love humidity and should be misted regularly. Most need some light and moist soil to thrive.


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