20 Smart Tips For Your Move

    Here’s a list of clever ideas to make moving easier or at least less overwhelming!

    [1] – Be thrifty, find free moving boxes: from grocery & clothing stores, warehouse stores, the “free” section of Craigslist

    [2] – Purge your stuff – If you don’t need it, get rid of it pre-move.

    [3] – Create a schedule so you don’t get overwhelmed. Plan ahead to defrost, towel dry and clean your refrigerator 24-48 hours before moving day.

    [4] – Take pictures of your electronics before you unplug. Save time and headache when you reconnect; take photos with your phone or camera of the back of your TV and computer.

    [5] – Put hanging clothes in garbage bags. Wrap hanging clothes with a trash bag until you get to the new closet.

    [6] – Pack a first-night box. Include pajamas, toiletries, some clothes, coffee maker, mugs, whatever you might need for the first night and first morning in your new home.

    [7] – Safely pack your plates. You might use foam disposable plates between your best china; save them for a quick supper later on.

    [8] – Plastic wrap your drawers – with everything inside. This is what the pros do so that drawers can stay where they are; cut down on packing.

    [9] – Use wine cases for your glassware. Ask your local package store, bar, or grocery store for empty wine cases.

    [10] – Don’t mix items from different rooms. This is a good idea if you can do it; mark the boxes for their destination.

    [11] – Make a packing supplies basket. Tape, scissors, markers – keep them together.

    [12] – How to pack jewelry. Use egg cartons and tape them shut. Put necklaces and bracelets through toilet paper rolls and fasten the clasps.

    [13] – Keeps screws and bolts organized. As you take apart furniture, put screws and bolts in small baggies and label them. Keep all baggies together or tape them to the item they match.

    [14] – Cut holes in sides of boxes for easy lifting. With a box cutter, make triangular holes in the sides for your hands.

    [15] – Use storage bins for seasonal items. If you haven’t already stored things this way, now is a good time to start.

    [16] – Use soft items for packing. Before you buy packaging material, use extra linens, towels, socks, throw pillows, etc. to cushion breakables.

    [17] – Color-code your labels. If black and white labeling is not attention-grabbing enough for you and your family, use colored labels, assigning a different color for each family member or room.

    [18] – Use a rubber band to keep your front door unlocked. As you move boxes into the house, there will be a lot of traffic through the door. Wrap a thick rubber band around the knob on the inside and stretch it around the door to the other side.

    [19] – Keep ALL your liquids separate. All liquids should be moved in a separate plastic bin to avoid a mess in the case of spills or breakage.

    [20] – Pack with a guide. Online packing guides can help you to load your moving vehicle.

    (As suggested by lifehack.org)

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